Vision, Mission, Goal & Core Values


Effective and responsive public policy for national prosperity


Credible institution that offers informed public policy


Generate reliable and transformative knowledge for the public policy



Quality is the sum of excellence, creativity and innovation. This core value will be reflected in the work of PRI fellows and staff as well as in its products and services.


Diversity, to PRI, is an inclusive work environment that respects differences in ideology, knowledge, experiences, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion and physical abilities. PRI strives to achieve this value through a merit-based system.


Integrity commits PRI to fundamental ethical principles, such as mutual respect and cooperation, honesty and truthfulness. Professionalism, teamwork, constructive conflict handling, and avoidance of favouritism, and conflict of interest will be part of the integrity principles that PRI will abide by at all times.


Objectivity will be ensured by building a culture of approaching things, ideas and issues critically, using evidence and fact as a core base. Subjective biases (both internal and external) and emotional perceptions will not be entertained.


Transparency enables PRI to be visible about the activities it undertakes and ensures that its activities are consistent with its core values. PRI takes necessary steps to keep public informed of its activities and their results, and encourages the public at large to seek and receive relevant information from PRI.


Engagement will be fostered constantly with relevant stakeholders in order to enrich the work of PRI with diverse ideas and opinions. Multi-stakeholder engagement is necessary to collect feedback from as many sectors as possible, which enables PRI to get a comprehensive overview of issues at stake and ensure the buy-in from all stakeholders of its work and services.


Accountability mandates PRI to make all its functions transparent, and holds its staff accountable. PRI will establish a culture of peer-accountability and a chain of command to ensure quality, relevance, objectivity and transparency of the workings of PRI. The PRI Executive Chairperson will be accountable to the board and other personnel will be accountable to the Executive Chairperson. PRI will take every measure possible – and necessary – to be prudent, frugal and efficient in the use of resources.