The overall objectives of this center are to review the existing public policies, programmes, and strategies in the areas of national interests, foreign policy and strategic affairs. The objectives also include analysis of developments taking place in the international arena, and making recommendations through research, review and analysis of those developments to generate informed, well-considered and relevant policy options for the Government of Nepal.  

The center is divided into the following four thematic unit:

4.1 National Interests Unit

This unit focuses on the overall aspects of Nepal’s national interests. Article 5 of Nepal’s Constitution has identified the basic components of the country’s national interests. The unit attempts to further explain national interests, and identify measures for achieving those constitutional objectives.

4.2 Foreign Policy Unit

This unit focuses on foreign policy of the country. It aims at reviewing the existing public policies in the area of foreign affairs. It also attempts to study developments taking place in the international arena, analyzing the developments that can have implications for Nepal, and making evidence-based recommendations to the Government of Nepal that could be used as policy options.

4.3 Strategic Affairs Unit

This unit deals with strategic affairs of the country. It considers the relevant aspects of strategic affairs including defense, deterrence and security and their interrelationship with other areas so as to contribute to achieving the strategic objectives as stipulated by the constitution. The unit also attempts to analyze strategic moves by other states as well as the strategic environment of the contemporary world, and make necessary policy recommendations to the Government of Nepal.

4.4 Security Unit

This sub-cluster deals with security issues of the country. It takes into account both traditional and non-traditional security issues facing the country and the world at large. In other words, this sub-cluster is responsible for both types of security concerns: national security and human security. It considers these concerns from a broader perspective, keeping Nepal’s interests in the centre, and makes evidence-based recommendations to the Government of Nepal.

Panel of Senior Thematic Experts (Honorary Senior Advisors)

Prof. Surya P. Subedi
Mr. Kedar Bhakta Shrestha
Dr. Dinesh Bhattarai
Maj. Gen Himalaya Thapa (Retd.)
Ms. Lila Nyaichyai
Gen. Balananda Sharma
Prof. Dr. Khadga KC
Mr. Durga Prasad Bhattarai

Research Team

Khaga Nath Adhikari, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Jham Kumar Bishwakarma, PhD

Associate Research Fellow

Research (Current Fiscal Year)

No Research found in this Category

Research (Previous Fiscal Years)

SN Title of Project Name of Collaborator (if any) Name of PI/Co-PI Year of Completion Project Status Publication Type
1 Preparing for Nepal’s graduation from LDC category Gyan Chandra Acharya 2021 Download Research Report
2 COVID-19 pandemic and the recommended course of action for the Government of Nepal Dr. Mahesh Kumar Maskey (PI), Ashok Pandey (Co-PI) 2021 Download Research Report
3 Effective border management of Nepal Ongoing Research Report
4 Nepal’s national interests, foreign policy and strategic affairs Madhu Raman Acharya 2020 Download Perspective Paper