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Invitation to Join PRI’s Roster of Experts

Policy Research Institute (PRI) is a think tank of the Government of Nepal (GoN), formed pursuant to the Policy Research Institute Development Board (formation) Order 2018 (2075), to assist the Government of Nepal in bridging the gap between knowledge and policy through rigorous review and analysis of existing public policies, programs and strategies; high-quality research on new and emerging issues of public interests and concerns; and, strengthening public policy knowledge management by developing and disseminating knowledge products, operating a resource-rich policy resource center and creating space for public policy dialogues, discussions and debates for policy innovations.

PRI’s scope of research is wide-ranging. It covers all public issues and concerns in all public sectors. For operational and managerial convenience, the research issues and themes have been organized into the following five thematic groups:

  1. Economic Affairs, Development and Infrastructure
  2. Federal Affairs, Governance and Public Service Delivery
  3. Political, Legal and Social Affairs
  4. National Interests, Foreign Policy and Strategic Affairs
  5. Science, Technology and Natural Resources

PRI invites all qualified academics, researchers, analysts, planners, facilitators, trainers and policymakers with extensive experience in any of the five thematic clusters to join the PRI roster of experts. It will be a national roster of experts, which PRI will use for, among others, research, review of research proposals and reports, participation in public policy dialogues, peer-review of reports and publications, process facilitation, drawing up of perspective papers on crucial topical issues, expert consultations of various natures and purposes, and publication of a peer-reviewed journal: Nepal Public Policy Review. The roster will also be used by government ministries, departments and institutions that need expert assistance for various functions, including project reviews and evaluations. The roster can also come in handy for other institutions seeking to engage high-skilled experts and professionals.

 Please be part of this noble undertaking by recording your professional information and uploading your CV to this web portal. Information and CVs can also be sent via email at

We look forward to welcoming your participation in the Roster of Experts. Please scroll down and fill-up the form provided and join the roster of experts.


Laxman Prasad Bhattarai
Office Manager

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