The main function of the Research Department is to undertake research – policy research, to be precise. Unlike other domains of research, the aim of PRI’s research is to generate evidence for reform of ineffective public policies and formulation of new policies. Put differently, PRI’s research contributes to the nation’s policy change and innovation.

The Department conducts research on its own as well as in collaboration with public academic institutions, such as universities, policy institutions and like-minded think tanks, under the banner of ‘research for development and change’ In mutually agreed areas of research, the Department works closely with government ministries, departments and research councils. Issue-based collaboration is also maintained with relevant private sector institutions. These research processes lead to knowledge products that include PRI bulletins, policy briefs, reports, infographics, monographs, perspective papers and books.

PRI research projects cover a wide range of issues of public concern and are administered through five thematic research centers and corresponding 18 units.

The Research Department is staffed by Senior Research Fellows, Research Fellows, Associated Research Fellows and Analysts with specialized knowledge and expertise. Also, senior honorary thematic experts provide advisory inputs to the Department.