Thematic Research Centers and Units

Policy Research Institute has a wide mandate for policy research. Its research issues and areas have been organized  into following five clusters and 16 sub-clusters for organizational and functional purposes.

Center 1: Center for Economic and Infrastructure Development Policy


1.1 Economic Development Unit

1.2 Trade, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Unit

1.3 Infrastructure Development Unit

Center 2: Center for Governance and Federal Affairs Policy


2.1 Governance Unit

2.2 Federal Affairs Unit

2.3 Public Service Delivery Unit

2.4 Public Institutions Unit

Center 3: Center for Legal and Social Affairs Policy


3.1 Legal Affairs Unit

3.2 Education Policy Unit

3.3 Health Policy Unit3.3 Education, Health & Social Services

3.4 Social Welfare and Security Unit

Center 4: Center for Foreign Policy and Strategic Affairsrs


4.1 National Interests Unit

4.2 Foreign Policy Unit

4.3 Strategic Affairs Unit

4.4 Security Unit

Center 5: Center for Natural Resources and Technology Policy


5.1 Agriculture Unit

5.2 Ecology, Environment and Climate Unit

5.3 Science, Technology and Innovation Unit