Dr. Pusparaj Rajkarnikar
Board Member

Dr. Pushpa Raj Rajkarnikar, a PhD in export financing from Tribhuvan University, is an expert in trade and financial management. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Institute for Policy Research and Development, an NGO dedicated to policy research on contemporary policy issues of national and international importance. He brings some 35 years of experience in teaching, research, financial and banking sector management and national planning. During his professional career, Dr Rajkarnikar has served as the Member of the National Planning Commission (2006-2008), as Deputy Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank (1994-1995), as the Coordinator of the Industrial Policy Draft Finalization Committee of the Ministry of Industry Government of Nepal (2008-2009), to mention a few among over a dozen of policy-level engagements.

Dr. Rajkarnikar can be contacted at: pushpa.rajkarnikar@gmail.com