नेपालको आर्थिक विकास नीतिका सन्दर्भमा विभिन्न मुलुकका आर्थिक नीति तथा आवधिक योजनाका अनुभव र बजेट तर्जुमा प्रक्रियाको सिंहावलोकन

PPS No. 012 – Madhu Prasad Regmi and Deshbandhu Adhikari -Use of Electronic Voting System in Nepal: Research Report – PRI (Chait 2077)

PPS No. 011- Dr. Santosh Adhikari – Addressing Trade Deficit of Nepal: Nepal’s Productive Structure and Avenues for Diversification – PRI (February 2021)

PPS No. 010 – Kushal Gurung -Exploratory Survey of Wind and Solar Energy Potential of Mustang District for Power Generation – PRI (Baishakh 2076)

PPS No. 009 – Dr. Chhabi Ranabhat – Reducing Burden of Adult Death and Disability – PRI (Baishakh 2076)

PPS No. 008 – Saroj Dhakal – Feasibility Study for Water Export from Nepal to the Middle-East – PRI (Baishakh 2076)

PPS No. 007 – Dr. Sujeet Karna – Sharpening Positive Discrimination: Inserting Class within Gender, Ethnicity, Caste and Religion – PRI (July 2019)

PPS No. 006 – Dr. Raj Kumar Bhattarai – Inventory of Major Policy Research Institutions of Nepal and Conceptualization of Potential Networking Framework – PRI (May 2019)

PPS No. 005 – Dr. Sujeet Karna – Social Protection, Challenges and Prerequisites: A study of Prime Minister’s Employment Program in Nepal – PRI (July 2019)

PPS No. 004-Kiran Chapagain – Conflict of Interest in Legislative Affairs in Nepal – PRI (May 2019)