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Discussion Held on Potentials and Opportunities of Running Start-up Enterprise at the Local Level in Nepal
Policy Research Institute Holds Dialogue with Media Workers
PRI Hosts Lecture on Climate Change
Consultation Meeting of Policy Research Institute (PRI) and Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC)
National Planning Commission and Policy Research Institute Agree to Explore Areas of Collaboration
Discussion Held on Draft National Research Policy 2077
Policy Research Institute and Kathmandu University Signed an MoU for Research Collaboration
Policy Research Institute and Tribhuvan University Signed an MoU
PRI Organizes Orientation to its Research Staff
PRI Hosted a Policy Dialogue on ‘Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges’
PRI Orients its Researchers and Staff Members to the Basics of Public Policy and Coordination with Government
PRI Held Interaction with Joint Secretaries of Government Ministries and Constitutional Bodies
PRI and IFA sign MoU to conduct Research on Modernization of Trade Facilitation
Interaction Held between PRI’s Executive Committee Members and Advisors
PRI Holds Interaction with senior officials Ministries and Nepal Rastra Bank to Firm up Collaboration
PRI and NASC Sign an MoU on Research Collaboration
PRI and the Central Department of Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, signed a research project entitled – Assessing Psychosocial Impact of COVID-19 and the Resilient Well-being in Nepal
PRI and Nepal Law Campus Sign a Research Agreement on Electoral System Reform
Research Agreement Reached on Gap Analysis of the Science-Policy Interface in Health and Agriculture Sectors
A project launched to study how annual policies and programmes of the government of Nepal can be made more objective and implementable
Policy Research Institute and the Institute of Foreign Affairs Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
Policy Research Institute and Election Commission Agree to Collaborate on Research
Policy Research (PRI) and Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Meet
PRI and Nepal Law Campus Sign an Agreement for a Research on Public Satisfaction and Policy Reform of Home Administration
Agreement Signed for a Research Project on Electronic Voting System in Nepal
MoU and Research Agreement between PRI and Central Department of Economics, Tribhuvan University
Discussions on Current Policy Research Initiatives and Prospective Framework for Policy Implications in Nepal
PRI Concludes its Establishment Day amid a Grand Function
Meeting of PRI and NAST on Science, Technology and Innovation.
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डा. विष्णु राज उप्रेती

कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष

राष्ट्रको सार्वजनिक नीतिहरू प्रमाणमा आधारित, प्रभावकारी र कार्यात्मक बनाउने उद्देश्यले संविधानको धारा ५१ को मर्म अनुसार नेपाल सरकारबाट विशिष्ट विषय विज्ञ संस्थाको रूपमा गठन भई नेपालको सार्वजनिक नीति अनुसन्धानमा क्रियाशील हुन पाउँदा नीति अनुसन्धान प्रतिष्ठान गौरवान्वित छ । गुणस्तरीयता, पारदर्शिता,...

पूरा पढ्नुहोस्

रेडियो कार्यक्रम सबै कार्यक्रमहरु

नीति अनुसन्धानमा हाम्रा प्रयासहरू

पछिल्लो कार्यक्रम : अठ्ठाईसौं अंक -२३ भदौ २०७८