Message from Executive Chairperson

Bishnu Raj Upreti, PhD
Executive Chairperson

Message from Executive Chairperson

Policy Research Institute is honored to be the state created dedicated and specialized think-tank institution to contribute to making the country’s public policies evidence-based, effective and functional in the spirit of the Article 51 of the Constitution of Nepal. Our values are transparency, integrity, creativity, diversity, collaboration, professionalism, and openness. We aim to be a publicly owned, credible, socially relevant research institute capable of catering public policy needs of the state and society. In this context, we want to proactively engage with the government and society to contribute to revising existing policies and bringing new policies through generating evidence by research, public policy dialogue, and synthesizing the existing knowledge and experiences available in society.

We seek complementarity and collaboration with other organizations in generating high-quality knowledge and evidence relevant to public policy. We intend to harness relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences available beyond PRI and government systems useful for assessing, formulating, and refining public policies. PRI provides open space for the public through its ‘Public Policy Dialogue’ Mechanism, which will be a regular forum for sharing ideas, perspective, research findings, bringing public policy concerns, and offering suggestions. In this purpose, PRI invites political decision-makers, policymakers, academics, public policy activists, scholars, and opinion makers to share their ideas, offer suggestions and concerns of the general public. We will synthesize them in the policy feedback format and feed them to the policymaking process. This will increase PRI’s visibility and positive image.

As a new public institution, our main challenges are to be credible, relevant, publicly acceptable, and effective. We are committed to addressing these challenges through our work. However, we need support from the government ministries and departments, academic institutions, civil society, private sectors, academics & scholars, and media for us to address these challenges. In this context, we are open to extending our collaboration with all concerned, where relevant. We request all interested individuals and institutions to provide us constructive feedback and suggestions, to lend momentum in our quest for evidence-based research policy innovation.

We invite interested competent, capable, and committed young researchers to join PRI as career public policy scholars. We invite Nepali academia and researchers working abroad to spend and use their sabbatical leave at PRI and assist the country’s policy-making process with your extensive knowledge, experiences, and competencies. We will establish and maintain a robust inventory of thematic resource persons (researchers, reviewers, policy analysts, etc.) as Roster and invite appropriate persons to contribute to specific areas of PRI work.

We know that it takes time for a new institution like PRI to be credible, policy-relevant, and authentic public policy think-tank equipped with a highly competent team of policy researchers, well-functioning public policy resource center through wider collaboration and meaningful partnership for generating reliable and need-based evidence in so many public policy issues. However, we are firmly committed to achieving them with the support and cooperation from the government, civil society, media, private sector, academia, and all concerned without whom it is extremely difficult to achieve what we want to achieve.

One of our dreams is to establish a sizable “endowment fund” to fulfill specific resource need for effective and flexible functioning of PRI from its interests, for which we need special support from the Government.

We at PRI are planning to gradually publish standard quality working/discussion papers, policy/issue briefs, books, journal articles, infographics to cater to public policy needs and inform society. Our quality publications will help us to recognize PRI as a pioneer institution in public policy research and enhance our credibility.

We humbly invite your support and cooperation to PRI as a public policy think tank that caters public policy needs of the state and society and meaningfully engage in the regional and global debate on contemporary challenges that the world is facing.