Policy Research Institute

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) is a think tank of the Government of Nepal formed according to the Policy Research Institute Development Board (formation) Order 2018 (2075) by exercising the power conferred by Article 3 of the Development Board Act 1956.

Article 51 of the Constitution of Nepal outlines ‘Policies of the State’ and Article 54 provisions a parliamentary committee to monitor and evaluate the progressive implementation of these policies. This stipulation sets a constitutional context for a strong knowledge center to support all aspects and stages of the public policy process – the background for constituting a policy research entity.

The objectives of the PRI are to review public policies, programmes and strategies through rigorous research and analysis and provide policy recommendations to the Government of Nepal, to carry out studies on the issues around diverse public sectors, and to serve as an interface of knowledge and policy formulation in the spirit of Article 51 of the Constitution of Nepal.

PRI is mandated to undertake policy research in a wide range of sectors including economic development, security, national interests, international relations and social justice. Transparency, good governance, civil service, revenue, conflict of interests, citizen charters, protection of the environment and governance reformation are the other areas of research. PRI carries out research works on the issues and areas also requested by the Government through the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers so its research sectors are not exhaustive. The mandated scopes of research are undertaken under five research centers and their corresponding units.

PRI carries out its research works via an in-house research team, consultants and collaborators including research institutions and universities, and shares research outcomes with the Government and the public at large. As mandated, PRI is committed to generating quality knowledge products on policy matters through rigorous research, academic collaboration and public dialogues.

PRI has been gradually evolving as an organized entity. There has been remarkable progress to make the Institute a law-governed Institute. Required human resources have been fulfilled. Also, to make research works systematic, scientific and objective, PRI has formulated required internal guidelines and tools on research processes, research collaboration and daily operation of the Institute. Tellingly, after the National Assembly of the Federal Parliament passed Policy Research Bill 2076 in May 2020, the Bill is now in the House of Representatives awaiting approval.