The Information and Knowledge Management Department processes the information generated by PRI into knowledge products, documents and stores them in a retrieval system and disseminates them among all concerned. Much of the information for knowledge products are derived from the research conducted and administered by the Research Department. Other sources of information include ‘public policy dialogues,’ which are multistakeholder dialogues organized periodically around an urgent issue of public concern, and ideas and perspectives of experts with a proven track record as academicians, researchers or bureaucrats. 

The Department documents knowledge products both digitally as well as in print. Digital assets are documented in the digital asset management (DAM) system. Printed materials are stored in the documentation unit housed within the Department. A resource library and publication and dissemination unit share the knowledge products among all concerned. The Department also maintains an updated roster of experts of all fields. The roster serves as a key resource that can be tapped for specialized work within the scope of PRI.

The Information and Knowledge Management Department is staffed by a Senior Research Fellow, a Research Fellow, an Associated Research Fellow, Analysts and Senior Assistants.