Public Policy and Public Diplomacy in the Changing Context

March 25, 2022

Date: 25 March 2022
Place: Policy Research Institute, Narayanhiti

As part of its policy dialogue on policy issues, Policy Research Institute organized an event aimed at exploring issues and concerns that need to be tackled to firm up the relationship between public policy and public diplomacy in the changing context of the region and the world. PRI’s former Chairperson and Board Members, PRI’s Advisors, Senior Thematic Experts (Honorary Senior Advisors) as well as members of the editorial committee of the “Nepal Public Policy Review Journal” participated and spoke in the event chaired and moderated by Dr Bishnu Raj Upreti, the Executive Chairman of the Institute.

The newly appointed Ambassador of Nepal to India – and member of the editorial board of “Nepal Public Policy Review Journal” – Dr Shankar Sharma was also felicitated at the event.

Sharing their views, the guests present underlined the following:

 There should be no gap in knowledge and information between politically appointed and career diplomats. Any gap or delay in information sharing and exchange affects diplomacy.
 All diplomatic activities, including foreign visits, should be coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This proper channel should be obeyed and followed by all. Or else, diplomacy faces backlash.
 Ambassadors should not involve in – or be dragged into – politically disputed issues.
 Ambassadors should keep exploring cultural, social and economic opportunities of diplomatic importance and exploit them.
 The promotion of religious tourism may be a way to further strengthen the bilateral diplomacy between Nepal and India.
 Diplomatic initiatives are needed to create a favourable environment for the release of the report prepared by Nepal-India Eminent Persons’ Group.

For more information on the event, please visit the Nepali Note.