PRI and Nepal Law Campus Sign an Agreement for a Research on Public Satisfaction and Policy Reform of Home Administration

July 19, 2020

Today, on 19 July 2020, PRI and Nepal Law Campus entered into an agreement to implement a project aimed at assessing the level of public satisfaction with key services delivered by the District Administration Office (DAO) and the District Police Office (DPA) under the Ministry of Home Affairs. As part of the assessment, existing institutional arrangements governing service delivery by these agencies will be reviewed. Factors that enable or hinder the delivery of services will also be critically analyzed.

The project has been designed in response to a request from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Minister. Among key outcomes expected from the project are (a) citizens’ feedback on existing quality of services and areas of improvement; (b) clear understanding of institutional, logistical and practical problems affecting DAO and DPO in terms of effective service delivery; and (c) a set of recommendations on how the delivery of services can be made fairer, more effective and more efficient. These outcomes will be crucial to enhancing citizen-state relationship, while adding to the quality of public service delivery.

Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti, Executive Chairman, Policy Research Institute, and Dr. D.N. Parajuli, Campus Chief, Nepal Law Campus, signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Dr. Balaram Prasad Raut, Assistant Professor, Apurba Khatiwoda, Assistant Professor, and Roshani Poudel, Assistant Professor, attended the MoU signing ceremony.

The expected outcome of the project is a set of recommendations vis-à-vis (a) policies necessary to create an enabling environment for electronic voting in Nepal, and (b) institutional and operational road map to implement the policy.