Policy Research Institute organized a public policy dialogue on sustainable and environment-friendly extraction of riverine construction materials

March 4, 2024

March 4, 2024

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) conducted a policy discussion on the sustainable and environment-friendly extraction of riverine construction materials. The event was moderated by Dr. Kalpana Khanal, senior research fellow (SRF) and Head of Center for Economic and Infrastructure Development Policy, PRI. Dr. Deepak Khadka, Senior Research Fellow and the Head of Information and Knowledge Management gave a background on the aim and approach of policy research and the importance of being aware of the strength of evidence generated by policy research. Dr Rajendra Khanal, the Principal Investigator of this study gave a presentation on the background of the research, research objectives and expected points for discussion. The discussion points were,

What should be the purpose, scope and boundaries of the study related to sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction of river construction materials in view of the fact that the “Construction Materials (Management and Regulation) Bill, 2080” has been registered at the parliament recently?
What are the current policy and practice issues related to the extraction and use of riverine construction materials and how will the proposed Act address them?
What are the environmental, engineering, economic and social standard for the extraction and use of river construction materials?

Participants in the discussion were infrastructure experts, senior bureaucrats, representatives of crusher industry association, construction professionals’ association, representation from various Ministries, Departments, international organization, and business personnels. The interaction elicited a number of suggestions and feedback to the proposed bill as well as the proposed study. The suggestions were on the themes like policy hamonization, participatory policymaking, consolidation of policies with the federal structure, survileince and monitoring, economics, and environmental-technical issues like real-time and long-term river dynamics, extraction methodology, environment conservation, etc. These suggestions will help refine the scope of the study which is expected to generate evidence for informed discussion on the bill as well as drafting rules and guidelines for sustainable and environment-friendly extraction of riverine construction materials.

List of attendees:

Invited guests

  1. Mr. Ram Prasad Ghimire (Director General, Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies)
  2. Dr. Surya Raj Acharya (Infrastructure expert)
  3. Mr. Lekhnath Pokharel (Advisor, National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal)
  4. Er. A. D Lama (Sr. Vice President, Federation of Contractor’s Association of Nepal)
  5. Mr. Manoj Khadka (General Secretary, Koshi Crusher Industries Association)
  6. Mr. Prasanta Bohara (Director, Department of Industries)
  7. Ms. Subha Shrestha (Senior Sociologist, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation)
  8. Mr. Rajesh Sada (Head of Fresh Water Programme, WWF)
  9. Mr. Krishna Prasad Rijal (C.D.E, Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation)
  10. Mr. Min Bahadur Shahi (Sr. Vice President, Federation of Nepal Crusher and Mine Industries)
  11. Ms. Kamala Oli Siwakoti (Board Member, President Chure Terai-Madhesh Conservation Development Board)
  12. Mr. Narayan Prasad Bhattarai (Joint-Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs)
  13. Dr. Nawaraj Khatiwada (Senior Research Specialist, Nepal Research Development Institute)
  14. Mr. Sitaram Neupane (President, Federation of Nepal Crusher and Mine Industries)

Policy Research Institute

  1. Dr. Kalpana Khanal
  2. Dr. Deepak Kumar Khadka
  3. Dr. Rajendra Khanal
  4. Dr. Manita Kusi
  5. Mr. Pranjal Rijal
  6. Ms. Deeja Bastakoti
  7. Mr. Rajendra Senchury
  8. Ms. Ashmita Rijal
  9. Ms. Urmila Koju
  10. Mr. Bimal Chandra Sharma
  11. Ms. Rija Manandhar
  12. Mr. Biraj Dhungana
  13. Ms. Rakshya Aryal
  14. Mr. Kanchan Gautam

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