Policy Research Institute organised an interaction with students of the Public Administration Campus on public policy and research

June 10, 2024

June 10, 2024

Policy Research Institute, Narayanhiti

At the request of the Public Administration Campus, the Policy Research Institute organised an interactive program on public policy and research for students studying in the third semester of the master’s program in public administration. Executive Chairman of the Institute, Prof Dr Lekhnath Sharma, welcomed the participants. Ms Janaki Kumari Sharma, Lecturer at the Public Administration Campus, shared her expectations regarding the achievement of the interaction. In the main programme, Dr Deepak Kumar Khadka, a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute, gave a presentation on “How Policy Research Institute serves the Government through reliable knowledge generated from policy research”, and the Associate Research Fellow of the Institute, Dr Jham Kumar Bishwakarma gave a presentation on “Policymaking in Nepal: Reframing the Perspective and Process”. Presenters also conducted small polls to get students’ opinions on specific topics during the presentation. After the presentations, researchers at the Institute responded to various student inquiries. The students asked questions on the role and contribution of the Policy Research Institute, the status of implementation of policy recommendations, the role of political parties, meaningful participation of stakeholders in policymaking, gaps between policy formulation and implementation, the Institute’s upcoming planning, and so on. Dr Jham Kumar Bishwakarma, Dr Deepak Kumar Khadka, Dr Hari Sharma Neupane, and Prof. Dr Lekhnath Sharma answered the students’ queries. In the concluding speech, Prof. Dr Lekhnath Sharma talked about the distinction between academic research and policy research, various dimensions of purpose and impact of policy research, factors of policymaking, and the relevance of public administration education. The interaction was facilitated by Dr Hari Sharma Neupane, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute. Students said they benefited greatly from the program.


Public Administration Campus:
Janaki Kumari Sharma (Lecturer)
Anita Baram (Student)
Umesh Kumar Shahi (Student)
Urmila Karki (Student)
Keshav Jung Khadka (Student)
Khem Raj Dhakal (Student)
Ganesh Prasad Bhatta (Student)
Gokul Paudel (Student)
Chitra Raj Naunyal (Student)
Januka Dahal (Student)
Tek Bahadur Saud (Student)
Tara Adhikari (Student)
Deepak Bahadur Dhauk (Student)
Pratima Guragain (Student)
Pradip Prasad Duwadi (Student)
Prashant Khanal (Student)
Basant Puri (Student)
Bala Krishna Lama (Student)
Manoj Ghimire (Student)
Meena Joshi (Student)
Milan KC (Student)
Rajesh Yadav (Student)
Laxmi Khadka (Student)
Vijay Kharel (Student)
Sandeep Bhatta (Student)
Saraswati Sanjyal (Student)
Sujata Nyupane Timalsena (Student)

Policy Research Institute:
Prof Dr Lekhnath Sharma (Executive Chairperson)
Dr Deepak Kumar Khadka (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Hari Sharma Neupane (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Mukti Ram Rijal (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Khaga Nath Adhikari (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Jham Kumar Bishwakarma (Research Fellow)
Dr Giri Raj Sharma (Research Fellow)
Ashok Pandey (Associate Research Fellow)
Bimal Chandra Sharma (Library Management Coordinator)
Asmita Rijal (Intern)
Deeja Bastakoti (Intern)
Demij Maharjan
Jyoti Luintel (Intern)
Kanchan Gautam (Intern)
Kushal Thapalia (Intern)
Pranjal Rijal (Intern)
Soniya Basyal (Intern)

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