Policy Research Institute and Agriculture and Forestry University Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

December 5, 2021

5 December 2021

On 5 December 2021, Policy Research Institute and Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) sign a memorandum of understanding for a long-term collaboration between the two. The MoU will, initially, last for five years.

By way of the MoU, the two organisations have agreed to collaborate in the areas of policy research; academic dialogue on policy-relevant issues; training, symposium and capacity development; scientific conferences; people’s access to policy processes; research communication; use of intellectual properties to benefit both the organisations as well as the people at large; quality research; and, the promotion of research standards and code of conduct. The two have also agreed to collaborate – through a separate modus operandi – with central departments, colleges and research centres on agricultural policy research and communication or related academic programmes, curriculum, practical classes, dissertation and other programmes of academic importance.

Before the MoU was signed, PRI and AFU discussed a number of issues at the conference hall of the university. During the discussion, the Executive Chairperson of PRI suggested the following to make the university more effective.

  1. Keep the university system completely detached from political influence and establish the system of performance-based evaluation of both professors and students. Research publications should be
  2. University office bearers should maintain professional neutrality all the time. They should be in constant touch with concerned stakeholders to ensure their buy-in and ownership of university products
  3. Change university curriculum as necessary to make agriculture, livestock and forestry education relevant to the market as well as to the nation’s priority
  4. Take legal action against those responsible for the destruction of the physical property of the university, and protect the property of the nation 
  5. Use the barren land of the university for agriculture
  6. Promote collaboration with the ministries of agriculture and livestock development, forestry, land reform and relevant departments
  7. Enhance the quality of university by including experts of relevant fields in the University Council
  8. Study and comment on the National Research Policy (2078) drafted by the government of Nepal. The policy is important as it presents a roadmap of the nation’s research.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Punya Prasad Regmi responded that the suggestions from PRI will be responded to. And the university will be developed into a centre of excellence with the support and advice of all the concerned.

Present in the interaction from the University were Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Punya Prasad Regmi, University Grants Commission Chair Professor Dr Kalyani Mishra Tripathi, Registrar Professor Dr Sharada Thapaliya, Dean (Agriculture) Professor Jayaprakash Datta, Dean (Animal Science, Veterinary and Fisheries) Professor Dr Hom Basnet, Post Graduate Director Professor Dr Bhuminanda Devkota, Research Director Professor Dr Arjun Kumar Shrestha, Service Commission Member Professor Pushkar Bahadur Pal and Professor Sunila Rai. Present from PRI were Dr Bishnu Raj Upreti, Chairperson; Dr Deepak Kumar Khadka, Head of Research Department; Dr Hari Sharma Neupane, Senior Research Fellow (Political and Social Affairs) and Mr Laxman Bhattarai, Office Manager.