Policy Lecture on “Localizing SDGs through the Use of NWASH-MIS” concludes

January 10, 2023

Date: 10 January 2023

Place: Policy Research Institute, Narayanhiti

On 10 January 2023, Dr Rajit Ojha, Senior Division Engineer from the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management (Government of Nepal) delivered a policy lecture on “Localizing SDGs through Decision Support System and the Use of NWASH-MIS” at the seminar hall of Policy Research Institute (PRI). The presentation covered the following:

  • Function, duties, rights and responsibilities of federal, provincial and local governments in terms of the management of Water Supply and Sanitation (WASH) systems in Nepal
  • Need for the web-based GIS Enabled Decision Support System (NWASH-MIS) in Nepal
  • Linkage of Nepal’s WASH actions to Sustainable Development Goal 6 (availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) in Nepal, and
  • Localization of the SDG by strengthening local governments’ capacity in terms of WASH planning, monitoring and reporting

Local governments require investment, infrastructure and institutionalization of WASH activities, Dr Ojha underscored, adding that the NWASH-MIS portal has been developed to fulfil these needs by providing local governments with a decision-support system through which to develop effective WASH planning at the local level. The resources collected in the portal, Dr Ojha explained, assist local government officers to prepare action plans for WASH through a process that is inclusive and gender-responsive. He also informed that the NWASH-MIS system supports local governments to achieve the relevant SDG goal – goal 6, to be exact – with tools and tips that enable them to develop an effective plan, access affordable financing instruments, develop institutional setup and capacity, and, among others, monitor the effectiveness of WASH services and report to the concerned authority.

Following the presentation, PRI researchers had an interactive discussion on the technical aspect of the NWASH-MIS system as well as its contribution to good governance.

For more details, please refer to the Nepali note.

Photographs of the programme.