Orientation on Intellectual Property Rights

May 31, 2022

Date: 2079 Jestha 10

Venue: Policy Research Institute, Narayanahiti

Policy Research Institute organized an orientation program on intellectual property rights for its researchers and employees. The orientation was facilitated by Bishu Kumar K.C, Secretary of Intellectual Property Protection Society Nepal, and Bishnu Kumari Bhattarai, Registrar of the Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office.

At the orientation, the facilitators discussed various types and facets of intellectual property rights, registration procedures of such properties, offences and crimes in relation to them and remedial measures available. The facilitators also made a comprehensive presentation on the administration of intellectual property rights in Nepal, which is done through two entities: Department of Industry (under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies); and Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office (under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation).

At the end, the facilitators gave the following two suggestions to PRI:

  1. Intellectual properties and the right to them are issues of national importance. Such important issues should be governed by policies and laws that are abreast of new developments in relevant areas. Policy Research Institute should take it upon itself to minutely analyse such developments and explore ways to make national policies and laws harmonious with them.
  2. Policy Research Institute should have its institutional policy on intellectual property rights. The policy should be included in the contract that PRI enters into with its employees, researchers and consultants.