Interaction of Policy Research Institute in Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga districts for a study on the pandemic policy, options, and recommendation for Nepal

May 15, 2024

24-26 April, 2024

Location: Phaplu, Solukhumbu and Rumjatar, Okhaldhunga

In the districts of Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga, the Policy Research Institute (PRI) organized a discussion session recently with an emphasis on evaluating the health sector’s readiness to tackle epidemic outbreaks and outlining future steps for managing the epidemics. The discussion was held with a view to collect relevant data for a study conducted to suggest policy options to overcome challenges of epidemic outbreak in the country. Senior Research Fellow at the institute Dr. Mukti Ram Rijal greeted the guests and outlined the primary goals and focus of the research study. Mr. Ashok Pandey, the institute’s Associate Research Fellow and the team leader, facilitated the session. The public health specialist, Dr. Rajendra Prasad B.C., facilitated and assisted in making the session interactive. Mr. Kanchan Gautam, the Research Intern, and Mr. Aswin Pokhrel, the Senior Administration Assistant assisted in the management of the program.

Stakeholders including health professionals, the district health officers, district health office staff, local level healthcare staff working for the health posts, urban health clinic and community health unit, municipal officials, as well as members of civil society and local intellectuals took part in the interaction. The topics of discussion included the level of epidemic preparedness, epidemic outbreak and management governance coordination and communication, problems, challenges, and potential solutions as well as future steps to address those difficulties.

Resources, constraints, and direction of epidemic preparedness were the main topics of discussion. Participants emphasized on the difficulties and lack of resources for managing epidemics effectively. They talked about how they handled the COVID-19 pandemic, dengue fever, and the Kalazar outbreak. Local healthcare personnel emphasized the need for central and provincial-level support and coordination in the areas of resource allocation, logistical management, human resources, and field worker capacity development training. Participants also expressed concerns over the inefficiency and resource waste caused due to duplication, task repetition, and overlapping. They suggested that there should be proper coordination among local and provincial level agencies to address the issues.

Guests present at Solukhumbu, district:
District Health Office
Gandi Maya Tamang, Deputy Mayor, Dudhkunda Municipality, Solukhumbu
Nirmal Poudel, District Investigation head, National Investigation Department, Solukhumbu
Suman Tiwari, District Health Officer, Solukhumbu
Ram Narayan Sah, Cold chain Officer, Solukhumbu
Ashok Siwakoti, Lab Technician, Solukhumbu
Saujan Babu Sigdel, Public Health Officer, Solukhumbu

District Hospital
Sani Sherpa, Hospital Head
Dr. Milan Kumar Thapa, Medical Officer
Dr. Bishwo Raj Parajuli, Medical Officer
Devi Lama, Sr. ANM
Rojina Bhandary, Staff Nurse
Sanju Limbu, AHW
Birbal Tamang, AHW
Kamala Tamang, Sr. ANM
Bijaya Kumar Singh, Medical Lab Technician (Officer)
Indra Kumari Magar, Sr. ANM

Municipality health workers
Pasang Futi Sherpa, Sr. ANM
Tika Kumar Shrestha, Sr. AHW
Kanchan Tamang, AHW
Pema Lambu Sherpa, AHW
Lali BK, ANM
BishwoMitra Rai, ANM
Bimala Rai, Sr. ANM
Sangita Basnet , ANM
Daupadri Basnet, ANM
Pawan K.C, AHW
Umesh Raiyadas, AHW
Rojina Chaudhary, ANM
Dhan Kumari Rai, ANM
Bam Maya Rai, ANM
Prem Rasaili, AHW
Smriti Rai, ANM
Nabina Rai, HA
Kuldeep Sah, HA
Khusbu Khatri , AHW
Chandra Thapa, ANM
Khasbari Rai, AHW
Sanjita Basnet, AHW
Gelmu Sherpa, ANM
Alisha Lamichhane, ANM
Urmila Karki, AHW
Laxmi Rai, HA

Guests present at Okhaldhunga, district
District Health Officer
Karma Chandra Rajbamshi, District Health Officer
Manisha Moktan Tamang, Public Health Officer
Uma Gurung, Public, Public Health Inspector
Bibek Pokhrel, Cold Chain Assistant
Nil Kantha B.K, Chief Administrative Officer
Ajit Rai, Sr. AHW
Anil BC, HA
Bijaya Sah, AHW
Binita Budhathoki, HA
Bishal KC, HA
DakurNath Dhamala, Sr. AHW
Deb Bahadur Basnet, HA
Dhundiraj Jaishi, HA
Dipika Kumari, HA
Him Raj Wosti, HA
Jyothika Rai, ANM
Laxmi Dhamala, ANM
Laxmi Ghimire, Sr. AHW
Manisha BK, ANM
Mitramani Dhakal, Public health Inspector
Muna Bastola, Sr. ANM
Priyanka Shrestha, ANM
Rabina Kumari Mandal, HA
Renu Kumari, HA
Santa Lal Shrestha, PHI
Sher Bahadur Rokaya, AHW
Sikshya Gautam, HA
Subhash Gharti Magar, HA
Sushma Bhat, ANM
Tek Bahadur Bogati, Sr. AHW
Tilak prasad Dahal, Sr. AHW
Urmila BK, ANM

District Hospital
Kanchan Bastola, Hospital In-charge
Dr. Ayush Niraula, Medical Officer
Dr. Sanjit Mandal, Dental surgeon
Sajana Rai, Case manager
Kumar Prasad Dahal, ART counselor
Kalpana Sunuwar, ANM
Sakila Pardhan Shrestha, Staff Nurse, OCMC, focal person
Laxmi Ghimire, ANM
Anuradha Magrati, Lab Assistant
Bibek Gurung, Technician
Gita Dhakal, AHW
Rajesh Kumar Sah, Lab technician

Municipality health workers
Tejan Khanal, Mayor, Siddhicharan Municipality
Kedar Basnet, Deputy Mayor, Siddhicharan Municipality
Dev Kumar Dahal, Secretary, Siddhicharan Municipality
Dr. Roshan Kharel, Director, Mission Hospital
Dr. Angus Mehelur, Medical Coordinator, Mission Hospital
Pawan Kumar Lama, Public Health Officer
Laxman B.K, Public Health Inspector
Aita Bahadur Rai, Public Health Inspector
Usha Bhattarai, Public Health Inspector
Anju Shrestha, Sr. ANM
Bhagwati B.K Sr AHW
Dev Kumar Dahal, AHW
Birendra Chad, Health Post in-charge
Gita Kumar Chaulagi, Sr. ANM
Goma Kattel, Sr. ANM
Murari Chaudhary, AHW
Nabin Shrestha, Sr. AHW
Uttam Magar, Sr. AHW
Nilkantha BK, AHW

Policy Research Institute team
Dr. Mukti Ram Rijal (Senior Research Fellow)
Ashok Pandey (Associate Research Fellow)
Dr. Rajendra Kumar BC (Consultant)
Kanchan Gautam (Intern)
Bishnu Prasad Bhandari (Driver)