Interaction held between PRI Researchers and Associate Professor Dr Dukka KC Michigan Technological University

May 5, 2022

May 05, 2022

PRI Meeting Hall

An interaction was held between Associate Research Dean and Associate Professor of Michigan Technological University Dr. Dukka KC and PRI research fellows to exchange experiences in academic management and research at PRI Meeting Hall on 5 may 2022.

In the interaction, Dr. KC shared his experience as Associate Research Dean, Director, and Associate Professor of bioinformatics, data science, and machine learning at Michigan Technological University and his earlier professional journey with PRI fellows. PRI fellows shared their views regarding the policy need for the academic management of higher education in general and ICT, data science, and bioinformatics education and research. Dr. KC and PRI fellows agreed to explore the area of possible collaboration and engagement in policy study, scientific review, and writing journal articles. It was recognized that Policy Research Institute serves as an interface of knowledge synthesis and policy process and provides a platform for various kinds of engagement for academics at home and abroad.


Dr. Dukka KC (Associate Research Dean, MTU)

Dr. Deepak Kumar Khadka (Senior Research Fellow, PRI)

Dr. Bhogendra Mishra (Research Fellow, PRI)

Dr. Bikram Acharya (Research Fellow, PRI)

Dr. Sabin Basi (Associate Research Fellow, PRI)

Mr. Ashok Pandey (Associate Research Fellow PRI)