An interaction between the Board Members and the Research Staff of the Policy Research Institute was held

April 30, 2024

March 30, 2024

Policy Research Institute

An interaction program was held between the members of the Board of Directors of the Policy Research Institute and Heads of the Departments and Centers of the Policy Research Institute regarding the ongoing research programs at the Institute. The Board members provided comments, suggestions, and instructions on the progress status of the research programs, planning and roadmap for their successful completion, allocation of responsibilities, engagement of consultants, financial situation and early preparatory work for next year’s research programme shared by the institute staff. This interaction has boosted the motivation of the research staff, brought more clarity to the ongoing programs, and enhanced the intimacy between the Board members and the staff of the Policy Research Institute.

Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar Keshari (Board member)
Dr. Shyamu Thapa Magar (Board member)
Dr. Indra Kumari Adhikari (Board member)
Mr. Laxman Prasad Bhattarai
Dr. Hari Sharma Neupane
Dr. Mukti Ram Rijal
Dr. Khaga Nath Adhikari
Dr. Kalpana Khanal
Dr. Deepak Kumar Khadka