Agreement Signed for a Research Project on Electronic Voting System in Nepal

July 17, 2020

Today, on 17 July 2020, PRI entered into an agreement with Mr. Madhu Prasad Regmi and Mr. Desh Bandhu Adhikari to implement a research project on electronic voting system in Nepal. Mr. Regmi will lead the project as the Principal Investigator, and Mr. Adhikari will contribute as the Co-Investigator of the project.

The project has been designed in consultation with the Election Commission as part of the reform and consolidation of the electoral system in Nepal. Central to the project is to study the feasibility of the electronic voting system, including policy provisions governing such voting, and offer practical recommendations based on the objective analysis of the data generated by the study.

Among the project objectives are to conduct a cost-effective analysis of voting; ascertain the reliability of the technology used and user-friendliness of voting machines; and, analyze relevant legislation, acts, policies, manifestos and all other relevant documents (to see their convergence and divergence, if any, as regards electronic voting).