A public policy dialogue on issues in the seed sector in Nepal and measures to address them was organized

May 3, 2024

May 03, 2024

Policy Research Institute

The Policy Research Institute is reviewing the National Seed Policy 1999. This study will review all policy documents related to seed, including the Seed Act, regulations, national vision, guidelines and procedures made since the policy was issued; survey the issues and expectations of the target population; and study the views of experts and policymakers of the seed sector. As a part of the study, the Policy Research Institute has organized a public policy dialogue program with the organizations of farmers and traders, NGOs and high level bureacrats on the theme of the issues in the seed sector in Nepal and measures to address them.

The event was attended by 24 representatives from various sectors. The Office Manager of Policy Research Institute, Mr. Laxman Prasad Bhattarai welcomed the participants and the Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Hari Sharma Neupane, introduced the research project. Mr. Yuvraj Pandey, a consultant for the institute, gave a short presentation about the situation of the seed sector in Nepal. Then the discussion followed. The Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Deepak Kumar Khadka of the Policy Research Institute moderated the discussion. The participants provided their suggestions on R&D for improved seed; seed production, industry and trade; conservation and utilization of endegenous seed; situation of import, export, demand and supply; and suggestions for improvement and updating of seed policy. The institute will complete the policy review study by conducting a survey with seed producers, traders and user farmers soon.


Invited guets

  1. Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Prasad Singh (Dean, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, TU)
  2. Dr. Ram Krishna Shrestha (Joint-Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development)
  3. Dr. Hari bahadur KC (Director General, Planning Monitoring and Management Division, Department of Agriculture)
  4. Dr. Krishna Kumar Mishra (Member, National Seed Board)
  5. Dr. Tara Bahadur Ghimire (Consultant, Nepal Seed and Fertilizer Project, CIMMYT)
  6. Ujjwala Shah Shrestha (Crop Development Officer, Crop Development Branch, Department of Agriculture)
  7. Kala Budha Magar (Crop Development Officer, Agricultural Information and Training Center)
  8. Krishna Kumar Khadka (Manager, Salt Trading Corporation Limited)
  9. Toya Gautam (Secretary, Forward Nepal)
  10. Dinesh Prasad Sapkota (Senior Officer, Vegetable Crop Development Centre)
  11. Dipesh Neupane (LI-BIRD)
  12. Narayan Bhandari (Central Secretary, Nepal Seed Traders Association)
  13. Punya Prasad Upadhyay (Head of Division, Krishi Samagri Company Limited)
  14. Prakash Kumar Sanjel (Head, Agricultural Information and Training Centre)
  15. Benu Prasad Prasai (Member Secretary, Seed Quality Control Centre)
  16. Madhu Sharma Ojha (Agricultural Officer, Krishi Samagri Company Limited)
  17. Ramhari Sharma (Secretary, National Farmers Group Federation)
  18. Riti Singh (Senior Officer, Horticulture Development Branch, Department of Agriculture)
  19. Basant Chandra Marhatta (Chairperson, Seed Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal)
  20. Bikash Kharel (Officer., National Potato, Vegetable and Spice Crops Development Centre)
  21. Binod Kumar Bhattarai (Project Director, Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project)
  22. Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel (Act. Managing Director, Krishi Samagri Company Limited)
  23. Sharada Niraula (Member, National Seed Board)
  24. Sarita Manandhar (Scientist, National Seed Science Technology Research Centre, NARC)

Policy Research Institute

  1. Mr. Laxman Prasad Bhattari
  2. Dr. Deepak Kumar Khadka
  3. Dr. Hari Sharma Neupane
  4. Dr. Mukti Ram Rijal
  5. Bimal Chandra Sharma
  6. Kushal Thapalia
  7. Jyoti Luintel
  8. Demij Maharjan
  9. Rakshya Aryal
  10. Sanjog Singh Kadayat